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Plot Commands

  Command Sub-command Argument Description  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) claim   Claim the plot you’re standing on    
  /plotme(/plot,/p) auto   Auto claim the next free plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) home :1,2,3.. etc. Teleport to your plot home. Use :# if multiple homes  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) list   List your own plots  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) info   Displays info about the plot you’re standing on  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) biome biome Change the biome of your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) biomes   List available biomes  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) clear   Clear your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) dispose   Dispose your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) done   Mark your plot as done  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) deny player Deny a player from your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) undeny player Undeny a denied player from your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) buy   Buy the plot you’re standing on (economy)  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) sell   Sell your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) auction   Auction your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) reset   Reset the plot you’re standing on  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) middle   Teleport to the middle of your plot  
  /plotme(/plot,/p) add player Grant a player build access on your plot    
  /plotme(/plot,/p) remove player Remove an added players build access on your plot    
  /plotme(/plot,/p) protect   Protect the plot you are standing on from being cleared or reset  

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